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The official meme coin of DEFI DOGens


What is Defi Doge


Meme Coin

There is no real-world utility to meme coins


Sustainability is hard to create unless a “ use case” is derived

Coin Creation

Most meme coins are not created with a long-term vision and lack good fundamentals


Payment Method

Make “Defi Doge” a globally accepted payment method. Pay with your coins at your favorite restaurant, shops, mall, concerts, etc.

Spread Awareness

Spread global awareness and gain mass adoption

Eco System

Create a long-term sustainable ecosystem that will create demand and derive utility.

Global Marketing

Defi Doge will be at the forefront of every social media marketing outlet. This is more than just your regular crypto currency marketing. Using precise marketing techniques and advanced analytics we will know our target markets in various geographical regions and market heavily in those regions along with everywhere else. We will globally spread awareness about Defi Doge over all seven continents and everyone from your mom, to your dad, best friends, grandma and even your gardener will know about Defi Doge. So don’t get left behind. Come join us in this revolution and be part of Defi’s new favorite meme coin!


Q2 2021

  • Idea Creation/ Development Begins
  • Pre sale/Launch
  • Marketing campaign begins
  • May- Marketing Asia
  • June- Marketing North America

Q3 2021

  • July- Marketing Europe
  • NFT Launch
  • Merchandise Launch
  • August- Marketing Australia / New Zealand
  • September- Marketing Africa

Q4 2021

  • Marketing South America
  • Wallet Integration
  • Marketing Analysis

Q1 2022

  • Retail/Business Marketing
  • Corporate Outreach
  • Mass adoption push

NFTs & Degen Merch

Coming Soon

Token Information

Total supply 1 Trillion

Token Type: BEP-20

Automatic Rewards

1% of every transaction is redistributed amongst token holders

Automatic LP

1% of every transaction goes into the liquidity pool generating liquidity

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